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I'm giving a three our session on umbraco on monday Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )
On monday the 5th, I'm giving a three hour session on how to use umbraco as an Agile Webdevelopment Framework. The session has been arranged by the .NET Knowledgegroup of the Danish Technological Institute.

I'll try to post files and stuff here afterwards - there'll probably not be any powerpoint slides as I always try to avoid it.

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Wordwrap in the html editor of Visual Studio 2003 Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

For a long time it has been bugging me that I couldn't find the Word wrap option in the html editor of Microsoft Visual Studio 2003. In any other texteditor its easy to find as a toolbar button or a 2nd level option in a menu - but not in VS.NET 2003. Makes sense because its a huge IDE tool, but it's there.
Go to the Tools menu -> select options -> select the html/xml tab -> click the word wrap checkbox:

Just thought I'd share this one...

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Two years ago... Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Yesterday, it was two years ago I married my lovely wife... Time flys by, huh...

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[dk] Pre-PDC Geek Dinner på Skurks Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Hvis du skal til PDC så kom og mød og udveksle erfaringer med andre på Cafe Skurks i København, torsdag den 1. september kl. 18:00. Guidmaster har mere info.

Jeg kommer med input til hvad der er interessant i forhold til mine interesser som er web-udvikling, gui og c#...

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WM Data uses umbraco!!! Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Wow - seems like WM Data is using umbraco for there new Web division site! (WM Data is one of the largest IT houses in Scandinavia).

umbraco is really about to get some major breakthroughs. I'm looking so much forward to release version 2.1 which include a lot of new features towards umbraco as an agile Web Development Framework instead of "just" a cms...

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[DK] Ærlig branding af Nybolig / Nørrisgaard Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Hermed et forslag til nyt logo og ærlig branding til fri afbenyttelse af Nørrisgaard/Nybolig:

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Apple - Mighty Mouse or Contradictory Marketing leason one... Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Yesterday the whole frontpage of apple.com was about working wirelessly with the new series of iBooks. Today it's about reinventing the mouse with the nifty Mighty Mouse. But wait - they've reintroduced wires on the mouse, in a world where all mices are bluetooth... Funny - but a nice piece of hardware anyway, will be at my desk as soon as a BT version is here...

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