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In London... Permanent link to this post with (1 comments )
I'm in London, UK right now - among other to visit KnowledgeCenter who's started to use umbraco. Any other UK/London umbraco users out there?

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Vacation Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

I'm off to Mallorca, Spain together with my little family. I've been looking so much forward to this after a couple of great and intense days with CodeGarden and a long - but fun - work marathon the last couple of months. I think the umbraco community will take care of each other while I'm lying here with absolutely no wifi within reach:

Take care,

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Blogger dinner Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Blogger dinner: There will be a blogger dinner tomorrow - Wednesday - with the reboot people (including Robert Scoble and Thomas Madsen-Mygdal), the CodeGarden people and maybe also the Building of BaseCamp people.

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