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[DK] Mødes i Vejle den 25. april - opdateret? Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )
Jeg har vovet mig til Jylland den 25. og 26. april for at undervise et bureau i umbraco. Er der nogen som vil være friske på at mødes om aftenen og holde mig med selskab på en cafe/restaurant og evt. snakke umbraco. Jens Winther har meldt sin ankomst og det kunne jo ende helt hyggeligt at mødes et par stykker... Send en mail hvis du har lyst og ved hvor man kunne mødes :-)

Opdateret: Jens Winther, Tveskov og jeg mødes på Cafeen.nu i Vejle den 25. april kl. 18.30 - kig forbi hvis du har lyst - hvis ikke for at møde en af os tre, så da for at smage den "forførende filet" de har på menukortet(!)...

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A User guide to a cms in 148 pages... (!) Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Seriously - if you need to read through a 148 pages user guide to get starting using Microsoft Content Management Server, maybe it's a good signal that it's way to complex. People just starts using our system without training or by spending a couple of minutes watching some introduction videos. Not because umbraco is without features, but because usability, focus on the content and use of well-known metaphors has been the key issue from day one. Read how to convience your Boss, consultancy or colleagues about a much better and even free choice - umbraco...

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The party has begun... Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

umbraco is really starting to kick off now, and it's absolutely amazing. The mailing list is burning with 5-10 messages a day, more and more companies are joining the umbraco path and we're close to celebrate the 1000th confirmed umbraco download since final launch.

But the best thing is that people are getting it. People are sharing, web hosts are starting to do specific umbraco hotels and companies are hiring us to do developer coaching and extending umbraco. What we hoped for is really working but much faster than ever imagined.

And everybody wins; we're profitable, consultants are getting more money instead of getting a small license kickback and companies are getting better solutions for the same budget and are using a system that puts content in the sweet centre spot.

This is true moments of pure and massive energy - this is a true paradigm shift in the cms industry kicking off. Come and join the party - everyone is invited!

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