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umbraco 2.0 released... Permanent link to this post with (1 comments )
A huge moment for me... umbraco 2.0 is ready for download...

Thanks to my beautiful wife for dealing with me in these last months - I love you, Gry...

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Translators wanted for umbraco interface: German, French, Spanish, Swedish and Norwedian Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

We're close in finishing the umbraco release which now will feature both English and Danish interface. However we would love to have even more languages supported, and we've made it really easy to translate it. So if you can translate English into:

Please contact us, by clicking on one of the languages above. There's about 250 words/sentences, so it should not take more than two hours or so. Will give you hugs and lots of credit :-)

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Open Source .NET Development: Programming with NAnt, NUnit, NDoc, and More - Addison-Wesley and Benjamin Cummings Catalog Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

A book on open source .NET Development: Open Source .NET Development: Programming with NAnt, NUnit, NDoc, and More - Addison-Wesley and Benjamin Cummings Catalog. Mr. Gates must be sorry that this communist and terrorist movement is spreading into the .NET environment :-)

At umbraco we're using SVN for source control, and it's much better than anything I've ever used (including SourceVault). Through AnkhSVN it integrates beautifully into Visual Studio and TortoiseSVN integrates likewise into Explorer.

BTW: asp.netPRO has a review...

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New videos... Permanent link to this post with (4 comments )

We've created a couple of new videos showing off new features in the coming final version of umbraco 2.0 (release on monday!!!). They're all approx. two minutes long.

Assign domains
You can assign domains to any page in umbraco - watch this video to see how.

Move and copy pages - and publish multiple pages fast
Move and copy functionality has been added (about time, huh?). And you can also publish multiple pages in one step directly from the tree view. See it all in this video.

Auto-detection of dirty html when pasting
Pasting has been enhanced to automatically check for dirty html (from applications like Microsoft Word). When pasting a dialog ask if you want to clean it...

Customizing Dashboard and introducing Quick Edit
...and finally, this little video shows how the Dashboard (the right area of the interface) can be customized with any usercontrols. It can be used for shortcuts to the last edited pages, messages from an administrator or like this sample shows: Quick Edit - inspired by Google Suggest. umbraco shows editable pages while you type, making it fast to find and edit any page in umbraco. This is really nice if you're working on a huge website with a deep structure - no need to traverse through all the parent pages...

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[DK] Grib Chancen Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Politiken rammer hovedet på sømmet. God og ganske saglig leder om hvorfor man skal tænke over sit kryds i dag.

Husk at stemme i dag - og uanset hvilken statsminister du ønsker, så overvej hvem der skal være tungen på vægtskålen. Ønsker du en borgerlig regering og kan du absolut ikke fordrage Jelved, så stem i det mindste på Kristendemokraterne i stedet for V og K. Det handler om at skifte kurs hen imod noget anstændigt. Noget som Danmark kan være bekendt.

Dansk politik har alt for længe været en skandale og borgerlige vælgere må græmme sig, hvis de ellers turde kigge sandheden om den politik der har været ført under Anders Fogh i øjnene. De sidste 3 år har borgerlig politik bl.a. været at bestemme hvor unge mennesker må bo hvis de bliver forelskede. Det kom bag på mig at det er liberal tankegang - men sådan kan man jo blive klogere...

...og husk så at politik handler om mere en ens egen navle. Det handler om mere end hvorvidt man lige får 300 kr. mere om måneden fordi man bor i hus eller ejerlejlighed. Kig tilbage i historien og tænk over hvilke kampe der har været kæmpet for at du måske er hvor du er i dag - og tænk over at der er en generation efter os...

Godt valg - tør tro på at det kan gøre mere rigtigt...

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Hacking the Flickr RSS feed with ASP.NET to have photo-side blog... Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

OK - like everybody else these days I got a new phone with lousy build-in vga camera. So time to create a Flickr account and start shooting. This was amazingly easy and really user-friendly made - took five minutes from signing up to the first picture was delievered by the phone - neat!

Now I wanted - live everybody else these days - to have the latest flickr pictures posted on the right side of this blog. I still use blogger for whatever reason, so I would implement it using an Iframe with a ASP.NET page. Really easy using the Xml-control and the System.Net.WebRequest object. But what about parsing the RSS feed...

Unfortunantly the Flickr RSS feed doesn't include a link to my picture alone - it only includes a description field with text and a link to the picture through an image-tag. Now time to start doing some two minutes nasty XSLT hacking:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform" version="1.0">

<xsl:template match="/">

<xsl:for-each select="/rss/channel/item">

<xsl:if test="position() <= 2">

<p class="hartvigBody">

<a href="{link}" target="_blank"><img style="border: 1px solid #666" width="100" height="75" src="{concat(substring-before(substring-after(description, 'img src="'), '_m.'), '_t.jpg')}" alt="{concat(substring(substring-after(pubDate, ', '), 0, string-length(substring-after(pubDate, ', '))-14),': ', title)}"/></a><br/>

<a href="{link}" target="_blank" class="smalllink"><xsl:value-of select="title"/></a><br/>






Not a beauty - but does the works. Especially the date hacking is nasty - if only I used umbraco with the nice date formatting xslt-helper methods ;-)

Full files here if you want to implement it your self:

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