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Making umbraco even easier for developers... Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )
umbraco is heading straight towards a release candidate with lot of bug fixes and some new features added. It has always been a goal that umbraco should be fun to use - and that is whether you're an editor or a developer.

For a developer, a great thing about umbraco is the ability to use you own (or others) .NET controls directly in umbraco, by using the build in UI to create a macro. With the use of macro elements it's possible to send data directly to the .NET control by using Public Properties. There's just one simple catch... Public properties in .NET is nowhere near fun. A lot of set/get code and private variables and after that, you have to repeat some of it in the umbraco UI. A lot of great tools that extend VS.NET have been made making public properties a charm, and now we've made it simple to import them into umbraco:

UI for adding Public Properties in umbraco macros (Click to enlarge)

When you've told umbraco what usercontrol or custom control that should be used in your macro a small button comes up saying "Browse properties". By clicking a new window shows a list of writable public properties in your control and by checking them, umbraco will automatically create them as elements and match base-type (like number, text, bool etc). This way it takes seconds to register .NET controls into umbraco and no more typos :-)

I'll write more the coming days about enhancements in the coming umbraco 2.0 RC.

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[DK] Al begyndelse er svær... Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Når nu (online)journalister ofte kritiserer nye medier som f.eks. weblogs for at være uprofessionelle, overfladiske og til tider ligegyldige er det sjovt at opleve netop selvsamme størrelser selv kaste sig over et nyt medie. Som f.eks. denne teaser fra Comon TV. Men fair nok - TV Mediet er vist et af de sværeste at kaste sig over, men et par ekstra generalprøver havde nok ikke gjort skade... Men god vind til et spændende initiativ.

Det helt interessante perspektiv er hvordan alle i princippet kan lave en tilsvarende tv-kanal, et radiomedie via POD Casting osv. Og det helt interessante perspektiv bliver hvordan pokker man sorterer i det hele i en tid, hvor medier og info-loads ikke ligefrem er det som der er mindst af...

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Furniture classics: Do you know anything about this table? Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

If you know who has made this wonderful piece of furniture, what the name is or anything else, please mail me. Even better - if you have one for sale ;-)

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