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It's actually happening - umbraco 2.0 is shipping!!! (almost) Permanent link to this post with (3 comments )
umbraco interfaceFINALLY! I've been waiting for this moment for incredible long time, promised it way to many times - but now it's here... The Content Management Platform that I have been working on for over three years; umbraco 2.0 WILL be released as a public beta on Friday the 2nd under an open source license (GPL/LGPL).

It's absolutely amazing. It's still a beta however mostly aimed at developers as the editor-part still lacks a bunch of ui. But no more showstoppers!

For editors its way to featurepacked to mention here, but here goes some details for developers:
  • Unlimited and free template system (no limitations, both html and xhtml compatible)
  • Flexible datamodel for easy creation of own datatypes with custom fields (point and click)
  • The innovative macro-system, allowing developers to create pieces of reuasable modules using either your favorite .NET language (by usercontrols or custom controls) or by combining the umbraco xml-data with XSLT. umbraco can communicate with your public properties and even make UI for the editors without a single line of extra code! You can use your existing .NET controls without any modifications or you can choose to implement a simple interface (five lines of code) and get easy access to all page-data within your control.
  • The whole umbraco interface can be modified with custom tree-views, custom editor fields and custom buttons. All in just a few lines of code, making umbraco integration with your existing systems a piece of cake! umbraco will even automatically add your new code to it's differentiated security model.
  • An API with a nice bunch of methods for easy creation of new content programmatically, spoken urls in XSLTs, and a lot of other nice things :-)
  • And don't wanna store data in the umbraco database? Fine, you can use the brand-new data publishing feature in umbraco 2.0, redefining ease in datalisting once for all. And it speaks with both webservices and databases!

    And I kid you not - it's free. Free as in 0$ and free as in free distribution. Welcome to a new dimension in Content Management on a Microsoft platform ;-)

    Because people keeps asking "how do I make money on this", the answer is I do. By donations, by service-agreements, through an umbraco-developer network and by consulting. Licenses as a business model is just so ninetees ;-)

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