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And so I got my princess - and what a day it was...

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Phew - I'm posting something for the first time in over a month. The past six months have been breathtaking with a lot of events both positive and negative. I've been very busy working - much too busy, and even though it's nice always to learn I've been both chocked and surprised over my very bad planning skills. So much stress caused by projects that started with a lot of energy - yet ended in almost costing too much both personally and professionally. It has been a thrill having a lot of success with my new umbraco-platform - but I got blind in the middle and thought I could manage more than I really could. Thanks to some truly patient customers, friends and most of all a wonderful girl-friend I'm out of the dark now - a whole lot wiser than ever before. Hopefully it will stay that way :-)

And in the middle of all this stress and professional sorrow my life has been blessed with joy that cannot be described in words, but yet has to be mentioned. I'm getting married next Saturday (a week from now) - and gosh I'm thrilled. And also - look at this wonderful picture below... I'm going to be a father in December - it's so unbelievable fantastic... The little angel kicking inside the most beautiful woman that's even going to be my wife - sometimes I just don't understand why I deserve all this luck...

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