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Weblog design going commercial Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )
The Microsoft Developer Network site is about to get a design overhaul, and they ask their users to vote for one of three candidates. Much to my joy, the leading candidate right now (#3) is the one stripped for bells and whistles - very much like we know from typical weblog designs. Look and maybe vote for your self here.

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Theme of my life Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Theme of my life right now is recorded years ago by "James Ingram" in "Give me forever"... Amazing how life sometimes can make you feel blessed :-)

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ScottGu on true joys of debugging - or maybe not joys ;-) Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

ScottGu: "We've found that running your payroll, email, source control and health benefits system on top of your own beta software can be a highly motivating way to drive quality into the product early in the development cycle. ;-)". Interesting post about the joys of complex debugging... Guess, I won't complain about the difficulty-level of the stuff I debug daily anymore :-)

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Javascript in Mac browsers Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

JavaScript in Mac Browsers - nice article at ADC which covers how the different mac-browsers handle complex javascript.

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Interwoven patents Workflow in CMS? Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

The Fruit of Innovation: Interwoven Patented Technology Takes Content Management Enterprise-wide... software-patents, yikes - what can anyone possibly say!

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WWIII Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Heil Bush! Demostrants in the streets of Copenhagen salutes our beautiful worlds new cowboy - "The biggest terrorist"...

Dear americans - fellow citizens on planet earth... stand up, do something - your country's leaders are going mad :´-(

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Blogger for peace Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Used my very limited photoshop-skills, and made a "Blogger for peace" banner. Feel free to put it on your own blog, either by saving the picture to your local server or by inserting this little piece of html:

<br/><img src="http://www.090978.org/bloggerforpeace.gif" width="88" height="31" alt="Blogger for peace"/><br/>

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Plant for krig eller fred Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Fik en mail fra Thomas Madsen-Mygdal som fik mig til at tænke. Mailen var måske om irak, om demokrati, måske om verden. Jeg tænker stadigvæk, indtil da tænk sammen med mig og Plant en blomst for fred eller et kors for krig

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This months nannamanna-award for least updated weblog goes to Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

And yet again this months nannamanna-award for least updated weblog goes to....

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Scan and listnen to your old vinyl! Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Digital needle - scan and listnen to your old vinyl records! Insane yet amazing idea... [via Adam Curry]

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Living is Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Living is having your girl-friend added as a messenger contact...

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Danish post: ITB - pinligt Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Danish post: IT-Brancheforeningen har tilsyneladende både et (eller måske flere) formål og en (eller måske flere) handlingsplan(er), men som deres website så smukt fortæller, så "anvendes de ikke i øjeblikket".... Pinligt, men hvorfor skulle en it-brancheforening dog også prioritere deres website :-/

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What are you reading right now? Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

A side from my virtual safari-shelf, these are the books that's on my desk right now (and yes, I really like O'reilly books)...

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If only i had dkk 75k Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

If I had 75k of danish kroner on my bank account, I might spend them on Mr. Spikols stylish '69 bmw coupe that's now for sale...

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Blogger very advanced redesign? Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

It's more than two months since the blogger redesign-winner was announced. Must be an advanced design since nothing is happening ;-)

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All safari-space used already Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

So many books, so little time and space; I've filled up my safari already - these are the books

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Funny Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

This is funny - Home Star Runner System Is Down Page [via jrobb]

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Safari just seems to be the case Permanent link to this post with (0 comments )

Somehow I'm just into the word Safari these days! Quite a lot of time ago my all time favourite publisher O'Reilly launched Safari, and being the tech-book-fetich I am, I subscribed. However bad UI and lack of books and therefore use, I ended my subscribtion about a year ago. Then today I just dropped by to see how it was now. And guess, better UI, a *lot* of books from a lot of publishers (and also quite new books) had me burned a few dollars on the visa. Now I just need to fill the self with os-x related books to prepare the big switch. And talking about switch - Safari as both a keyword for a browser and a bookshelf has helped a lot :-)

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