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Talk about crisis in the business in Denmark - I'm about to send my first client to inkasso

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Removed the old frontpage so this is the new one (again)... renamed the title "silent launch" even though I'm happier and more in love with life than ever... not that I'm back blogging, I'm just not all gone any more :o)

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Speaking of the switch campains - now with there's even an icon-set ;-)

As ilfastorm mentions (in Danish though) - it's funny how almost all danish cms' uses windows xp ui and icons. Aren't they copyright-protected - what about mac os x icons? Please mail me if you know :-)

btw: kudos to web500 for making their own icons - artwork by the nice rocketboy

btw2: don't ask me about the biomega bike (below) - it was stolen after two month... why don't they make it with build in lock? (not that it would help - but the bike sure looked cooler without all the locks who didn't worked anyway...)

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CityDesk killer from macromedia. Contribute... Regarding the product-tour, one must say that the apple switch commercials are setting a trend!

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