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Look ma, no chain
A month ago I bought the wonderful Biomega Copenhagen Bike - a bike that doesn't have a chain, but uses Shaft Drive. I'm very happy with it and I can warmly recommend it...

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Apple, please open up the iPod API [via scripting.com] - yes, please do so! Then I'll make a "DJ-plugin" so that you could precisely queue numbers and use the jog-wheel to slow or speed up - for milliseconds - a song during play - this way you would be able to actually use the iPod like a DJ-cdplayer such as the Denon DN-D-series or the Pioneer CDJ-series. That would have been nice, when we did the show-off at reboot5.1 with our iPod-setup. And btw, yes Morten, you assumed right ;-)

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Hans Henrik Højberg a.k.a. Triple-H has also pictures from reboot5.1. Also updated my picture-page from 5.1 with 4 new pictures (the last 4 in the bottom) taken by cs-jay.dk...

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The Ultimate flash face - I had completely forgot it, it's absolutely amazing..

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I don't belong to this dekade socially - why? I don't like sushi and I'm not into brunch...

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The big Lego Bionicle Fansite - Mask of Destiny - has a review of the 3d-mapviewer we made for the Matanui island at LittleDevice :-)

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Final Scratch - wow, pretty amazing use of old and new technologies, to combine mp3/digital-music technology with good old vinyl and dj-skills! Via Dr. Wittrock...

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As promised - the wonderful iPod DJ-setup! More pictures from yesterday here :-)

At the "party" yesterday I also met two bloggers - bubber of k9k and Lars Pind of pinds.com... very strange to meet people in person... unfortunately, I didn't really talked to them - hopefully I'll get some more chances...

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I'm preparing music for the reboot afterparty tonight, where the dj-pult will contain one 1210-turntable and two iPods. Because I'm on a pc I'm using the Ephpod software to transfer songs, and I must say that it's working like a charm and is the most clean designed windows application I've ever seen. Thumbs up! Pictures of tonight will follow...

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As a supplement to the brilliant recepies from my favorite organic darlings at Aarstiderne, I bought this book (Grønt med krydderi - danish) from the danish great thai-cooking expert Hanne Holm... I just love the thai-kitchen...

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My very good friend from way back - Martin a.k.a Don Degn, most left at the picture, me number two from right - is going to be the Danish National Radio's Dr. Love at the show Katapults camp at the Midtfyns Festival. I can't believe it *G*

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I just love playing around with particlesystems - screenshot. Oh, btw - check the particle-snow effect I made in the bionicle matanui explorer Ko-koro city. Also check out the brilliant effects from the game that I just can't wait for... Newerwinter Nights :o)

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Minutes together with the wonderful mobile design gurus from Nokia and other exciting marketing stunts in Nokia Next

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Guess you would think that it's a joke - but apparently no! The X-box is actually so powerfull that it's possible to play very demanding games on it *G*

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cG by Nvidia - rough said a variation of ANSI c optimised for graphics and well, Nvidia cards. Interesting pdf-whitepaper here .

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Palm evo tree... nostalgia...

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IBM Nano-magic: Millipede - just amazing...

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My dad and one of he's former colleagues has joined partnership in a communication-bureau called "Rubrik" - the danish word for "Headline" :-)

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Just spend some really great 24 hours: We delivered game to Lego, Denmark won over France and are in the 1/8 finals, saw a great friend that I hadn't seen a while, fixed the missing flat-issue (at least for a while) and just got back from a exhibition on spying - check out this picture of me taken when a microscopic surveillance camera (client-research - no kidding!) - and yeah reboot reboot after party is coming up pretty soon too... Uhmmm, I kiss you :-)

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We got some new toys at the studio: Kyosho Mini-Z Racers... they're insane :-))))

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Did I mention that me and debug'ing aren't the worlds very best friends ;-)

Sorry for the lack of updates, but life has been busy - but even more than that, it has been so generous that I've might discovered things greater than computers and internet... can you believe that!?!?

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