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I'm I the only one who get's totally impressed with the amounts of different distributions of the Mozilla RC3? It's great - I wanna try using this browser as my default for a while... let's see how many hours It'll get ;-)

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This one is hilarious - Sometimes it DOES take a Rocket Scientist (true story) - thanks to Lars for the hint

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Mine-Control. Really wicked and cool installation stuff... makes one wanna do stuff like that for the reboot conference...

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Just received a spam-mail from the Danish lycos-portal, jubii. Apparently they're not sure what my name is: Check this mail where I'm called "Niels Hartvig" in the mailto-field but the text starts with "Dear Martin"...? Anyway, in the same league of lack of talent, the jubii-lycos-people stated today that they won't support netscape but go 100% after Internet Explorer - and not webstandards... I guess it speaks for it's self :-(

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I love particle-animations... just made a pretty cool looking snow-effect - but you'll see in a couple of days when it get's online ;-)

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How does your XP-startmenu looks like - I guess the dynamic part (the 5 lowerst app's in the left is based on the app's you use the most) tells a bit about you!?!? This is mine...

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A new Danish Micro-payment system finally launched today - and earlier I've promised that if I could buy mp3's for around 10 dkr. each (1.25$ that is) I would. So today I bought 3 mp3's with Superheroes (Someone else and Turn me on) and Junior Senior (move your feet) via mymusic.dk. How great to be able to support those wonderful groups more or less directly :-)

Only thing that bother me, is why on earth is the Speednames Digital Identity not supported by Valus (the payment system)... all the three pages of information is already stored in my D.I...

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The sun can't shine everyday... but god I hate thunder....

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I wonder if macromedia ever thought that flash would be used for this: Kaboom - be a terrorist suicide-bomber

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A good tradition at LittleDevice is that we give eachother presents when we've been out travelling. Just got this amazing Pez-Yoda from Dan...

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New books arrived today:
- Physics for Game Developers
- Special Effects Game Programming With DirectX


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I have entered a new era: I got my brand new digital identity: niels.hartvig.com... now I'm just eager to find out what I can use it for :)

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A wonderful and sunny holiday ended with two exciting news:
- Michael Laudrup - the best Danish football player of all times - has just been announced as the new coach of my football team
- Thanks to Mr. Nyholm a.k.a. "The Don of Digital Identity", we're going to do some "technology overkill" at reboot... it will be a blast, I think =)

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Counting the days - only around 365 left... to what? Matrix Reloaded - now at least there's a trailer.... uhmmm

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I feel like I'm the luckiest man (boy?) in the universe... and that's a pretty nice feeling!

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The last couple of days I've been thinking about Lens flares and how to remake them in a 3d environment - and therefore treated them as a 3d problem. It has made my brain burn and then suddenly reading an article in the great Game Programming Gems book I realize that is not a 3d issue at all. It's simply 2d graphic based on a 3d-measure from the light source. Gotta love these challenges :-)

Also enjoying weather in Copenhagen and people from the studio - here at lunch with Phillip, Lene, Lone and Kimie (from left to right)...

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So undeserved - yet so wonderful. The game was a draw thanks to a last minute goal... I guess we pretty much can call ourselves champions :-)))))

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ohhh, maaan! my nerves are cracking... ˝ hour to kick-off - I'm getting way to old for this! It's gonna kill me some day :-)

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The soccer match of the year starts in two hours... boys, please make me very happy!

BTW: Living is making killer 3d-stuff at work, seeing wonderful friends afterwards and then painting my balcony in the sun - La vita č bella :-)

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The Danish newspaper Information is a brilliant newspaper. I enjoy it every morning, and I could buy it for their editorials only! If you understand Danish, read this one: Den uforsonlige kurs - it's so true!

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Wrong solution to a non-existing problem - or at least wrong angle: Declaring 'Warcraft' on sales to kids - cnn article on a California congressman wants to make it a federal crime to rent or sell video games showing violence, prostitution and drug use to anyone under the age of 17 without parental consent (link from mr. happydevice.com)

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I saw Requiem for a Dream last night and now - 24 hours later - i still don't whether or not to recommend it. It was a fantastic movie but it leaves you very - not to say extremely - depressed.

The company-party/reception friday was a blast, and just confirmed that I really am where I belong right now - looking so much forward to break some borders :-) Mygdal, Daniel and Lars decided to backstap me in a lot of ways, but I think one of the most visible things is gonna be something one could call "The return of the sweedish rockstar"... sounds like nonsense? Well, keep an eye on their blogs ;-)

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