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If they have musicians in heaven, I'm sure that Saybia will play there sooner or later... the concert was beyond words, way beyond!

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Just made my first function in an API for the reboot website - string getRelations(string member). At the reboot website it's possible to make relations between members - a bit like good old six degrees. This function makes it possible to get a members relations through XML-RPC. Tiny specs are avalable at the reboot website (in danish though)... Happy now, mr. Winer :-)

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My very best friend Steve Jobs whom I know so very well(?!), has sent me a iCard. I'm sure that it's personally for me and no one else :o)

Going to Saybia concert tonight hopefully with the one that it was intended to be with... despite the problems of understanding each other… very strange, I hope it’s going to be better

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Bigger than the segway - yet smaller than the OQO: My very good friend Buur has got a blog: agenttv.blogspot.com!!! Hurray :-)))))))))))

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Finally got the DVD with the fabulous Danish wicked-fucked-up-comedy-show Mandril Aftalen - looks very promissing and an instant recommendation! So nice to see all the old strange characters again.

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launch -> reboot5 :-)

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Just found out that mighty project manager Vinay from Lego - who we did the Spybotics decoder with - has a blog. I guess that everybody got a blog now - also the other Lego project manager Leah who we're doing the Bionicle game with, has one :-)

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Very cute and detailed pixel-graphic and a great presentation of a illustration studio at Stavanger Illustratorene

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BIGGER than the Segway -> Daniel has finally redesigned and relaunched his HappyDevice

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Blue screen of death Galore... just waiting for the x-box picture ;-) [from k9k.dk]

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I was concidering to move to another Danish mobile telco called Telmore which is cheap and 100% webbased (you can fill up your phone with visa/creditcard)... but then I got this frontpage :o)

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I think I'm more the prototyping kind of human being... I'm really bad at finishing things opposite to researching and sketching. Need to fix that :-(

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Ahhh, they found the rhythm again - my dear football heroes... New coach and the joy for playing football are back at the players... Thank you so much :)

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How ironic: Kazaa - the number one tool for getting illegal stuff on your pc - has been reverse engineered as kazaalite and are now without spyware and ad's - story at slashdot, download kazaalite here :-)

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Kalber10000 is back! It's not until k10k came back live that you realize how rediculous and badly designed/interfaced all the other design-portals seems.

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Uhmm, we're gonna held reception/party at the company the 3rd of may. That's gonna be great :-D

Gave some more money to amazon, by buying these great dvds:
- Happiness
- City of lost children
- Delicatessen

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Just ordered stuff at amazon:
Karim Rashid: I Want To Change The World
Gordon Ramsay: Passion for Seafood (thanks, vix)
Bottom - Live (DVD)
Shrek (DVD)
Amelie (DVD)

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I would love to publish a screenshot of the Mata Nui Bionicle game that we're working on here at littledevice - but Daniel says "No Way" :o)

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Fuck X-box! They just almost halfed the price on the bluescreen-console - but I'm still not gonna buy it. And the missing link - that's on purpose!

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btw: a shame that one of their old tracks "Just a dream" aren't on the official Saybia records. I really like it....

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Yikes - reading the last posts I must seem depressed. Not at all - just tired and a little bit stressed out :-)

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"In my mind / In the castle where I am the king"... uhm, listning to the beautiful tones of Saybia is bringing in waves of positive energy and chasing the darker clouds away...

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Old and good quote from an old and good song (reverence) - just thought of it during a stressed day (don't know exactly why):
"You don't need eyes to see, you need vision"
- Maxi Jazz, Faithless

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For the first time in ages I feel like I just don't wonna work at all...

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I've had never thought that I one day, would I.M. with a friend who wrote: "I've just redesigned all the toilets..." !!!!!!! Well he's opening a cafe, so I guess that's what you do - designing toilets...

Update: He said: "Designing IT systems or toilets - what's the diff" (he used to be responsible for Q/A in an online-bank - talk about experiencing the dot-com crash in a cool way) *G*

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Big news! Expect a fantastic redesign on Daniel's happydevice-blog. Rumours says that It should be mindblowing and up tomorrow evening CET!

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And time for the bi-weekly reminder to Daniel, that a weblog gets better if it's updated :-P

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Dave Winer in the blogger-dev group: "A philosophical note -- the Internet works because the vast majority of people are trustworthy, honest and well-intentioned. Same thing in the real world. I use my credit card all the time to buy everything from meals and sporting goods to plane tickets and hotel rooms. Every place I go gets a copy of my key. Somehow my credit card bill just has things I bought on it, not things they bought. Why does that work?".

Thumbs up! Why does everything has to be so - at times - insanely damn complex security wise, just because it's electronically? I've used my credit card 20 minutes ago and the women in the store didn't look at the picture on the card or at the signature... and did that bother me...? Nope :o)

Less than 24 hours after everybody was frustrated on the state of Brøndby - my favorite Danish football team - the coach said goodbye... thank you, very much...!

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Today it's three years since I was voted the second best up'n'coming stand-up comedian in Denmark... feels almost like yesterday... I really wanna start again... really!

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Macromedia DirectorMacromedia Director is like women - just when you think you understand it and really thinks that it's a wonderful thing, it looks at you in a funny way and says: "Sometimes I just feel like you don't respect me, so now I'm gonna shut down"... and to no surprise, there's only an [OK] button - no cancel...

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Damn, my favorite football team (soccer) is playing awfull at the moment. What a shame - though they're still number one in the league, I don't think they got what it takes to win the championship :´-( But good for gert and hilda - those damn f*ck'ers ;-)

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I have always loved the Mercedes CLK - and the new 2002 model is absolutely no exception. So pretty...

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iPod around the world. Cool :-)

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I really wanna change to mac soon...

I've finally accepted the fact that I'm a terrible shop-o-holic, so I'm gonna celebrate it by - sometime soon - make a shopping section in this blog, with stuff about shops I like and why (pretty useless - but hey, as long as I'm having fun...)

Made great tapas for some friends yesterday - I just love cooking. Sorry Victoria - no pictures, and I even used one of your recipies (though I changed the type of fish...) - you're a cooking genius :)

Crist - there absolutely no theme in my blog - just lots of nonsense :-)

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The higher you climb, the harder you fall... (damn, I must have been up very high, then)

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The yellow pages in france is totally cool - you can actually walk around in paris with pictures! Check out this link - it's from the below mentioned spree-shop! Click on the arrows to walk around the streets!!!

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Non-paris stuff: First the mindstorm rcx as a webserver - now a gameboy advance... hihi - just love this kind of stuff

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So here's the first part of my travel update from paris - three recommendations to wonderful places all situated in montmatre - enjoy :)

1. Do you speak Martien?
Weird little gadget shop - tons of useless yet so fascinating stuff, like Japanese action figures, jesus actionmen and blow-up monsters and I could go on. Website
Address: 8 rue Trois Frères
Pictures: Outside shop - Bad online-humor - Uhmmm, gadgets - coolest visa-machine ever!

2. Art's factory
Lovely gallery with a lot of really great paintings, books and postcards from young artists. Website
Address: 48 rue Orsel
Pictures: A painting that I bought there (by a french duo called Psyko Tryklo...)

3. Spree
Cool shop with clothes, jewelry and retro furniture. The room is trendy, cool and cold but the stuff and atmosphere is very warm!
Address:16 rue La Vieuville
Pictures: Inside the shop

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Back from wonderful Paris... update will follow, when work-overload stress calms down ;-)

Meanwhile - here's a (bad - will take a new one) picture of my desk at the office. Got a bunch of new silly desk-gadgets in paris - hurray...

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Congratulations to mygdal... he's favorite icehockey team won the Danish championship...

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Happy Birthday to Mr. OpenLife

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Ali G + shaggy = lotta julie... check out dis vid' (windows media) - gotta love them *G*

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Again, yet another reason why I just love being a nerd - an April fool-thread from slashdot: "Do Programming Languages Affect Your Sexual Performance?" - which btw is really ridiculous - has this funny post:

"Personally, I think Unix shell programming has perl/python/java/C++ all beat. Just look at the following chain of Unix commands:
unzip; strip; touch; finger; mount; fsck; more; yes; umount; sleep
(note: I didn't make this up, so don't blame me! I think early UNIX geeks had extremely dirty subconscious thoughts...)"

I'm a sucker for tiny cabrio's... this one is gonna be my next car -> Ford StreetKa Concept going into production end 2002! And a doesn't bother me that they will use Kylie Minouge (though not her on the pictures!) as a front-figure... not at all!

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