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I must be on some new spam-list, the last couple of days I've received so much spam-mail, like "Penis enlargement without surgery!" and "Dr. Dean Edell - Is Human Growth Hormone The Fountain Of Youth"... I really hate it - may these people's arses itch and their arms be to short - grrrrr :o)

Tried to April fool my co-traveler to paris, and said that our hotel got cancelled because it was to booked (it actually happened just two weeks ago, so we had to book a new one), and the only other offer was just outside paris! Unfortunately - or maybe fortunately? - she was a bit to awake...

Changed my blog title to "in love with life"... well, just because I am, lucky bastard...

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I'm continuing seeing parts of Denmark I either haven't seen or not seen since I was a kid - that's right; I'm really doing wicked things offline!!!

Today I've been at Møn's klint (the cliffs of Møn I believe the translation to English must be) - at a small island - Møn - east of south sealand) - very beautiful.

One funny thing was that apparently do men on south sealand have very huge problem going to the toilet without peeing on their shoes, so at the toilets there systems to wash feet and shoes afterwards! I took this picture as evidence! ;-)

And oh - spring is really here... look FLOWERS :-D

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At last... an iPod 10gb will soon hit my pocket! Now when will someone make a remote control for it...? It should just be standard - how un-apple-ish not to have that from the beginning! Now it's just time to wonder what the inscription should say :o)

And a little bit more materialism, I broke my old sunglasses on the last snowboard-trip... today I took revenge, shrank my bank-account and bought the most wonderful shades a man can have :-D

Will I ever be able to make three sentences in a row without smiley...?

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Whenever I buy belts, I always pick them who is most difficult and illogic to open - and I'll keep doing it until you girls start wearing bra's that opens when you look at them ;-)

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Ariel Sharon is a disaster and so is USA's support of Israel and so is Arafats lack of control (or is it lack of will?) - please do something all of you stupid war-honey-cowboys :´-(

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If you come to Copenhagen this spring/summer, you might want to try a ride in a Quickshaw - a new idea for a tourist-trap but I kinda like the idea, because it fit very well into the picture of Copenhagen as a city full of bikes... and even better; if we then would get fever taxies... still hope that someday, the central Copenhagen will be car-free in the weekends. With the metro in place in within the coming year, the free citybikes and the rishaw's it seems pretty realistic :-)

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..and she's actually using it; Victoria is blogging away - fantastic! Yet another Danish addict! She should just get some of her great and experimenting recipes up so people outside Denmark could enjoy her incredible and insane talent, hint, hint ;-)

Great she mentions the things about the pictures - gotta make the picture section on my site that I wanted for so long... but I need presure, presure, presure - silly me...

Had a wonderful evening with the old gang (picture from the airport when we went to Mallorca, last summer - me hiding as number 3 from left. See the whole insane thing here (in Danish, though and warning with german midi-schlager music in the background...!))... CB made great tapas and as always it ended - well - as those kinds of things do... I really love those guys :))))

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Seems like a lot of people are moving to movable type - Guan's unicast is the newest "victim"... I think the default template sucks - he's new site is pretty confusing

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Exciting thread on ADO.NET over at Mr. Spolsky's Zen garden of code

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The very nice super chef from wonderful aarstiderne (who delivers organic vegetables, fruit and fresh fish with recipes to me every week), has just started a weblog - go check it out now

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Yikes - I've seen poo looking better than the new official training suits for the danish national soccer team :-O

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Mr. OpenLife is blogging away on a lot of interesting things; 3g vs. 802.11b and reports from PcForum with pictures and stuff. Very impressive :-)

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I'm so full of positive energies, but I don't know how to administrate them.... so suddenly I just get tired and fall into a long nights sleep, while minutes before been totally fresh…

Very odd – and it makes me promise to do something, that I don’t get done – which at the same time makes me a little bit sad (but in a good way)…

Hmmm, maybe don’t mind the above – sometimes I think to loud ;-)

I've upgraded to blogger pro btw - happy now Evan ;-)

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Halle Berry - I'd give you a hug and a bunch of kleenex. Actually, all the hugs you'd like... love :-)

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I love programming and I love thinking and designing GUI - but I really don't like program the gui... takes so long and feels like a waste :o)

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I was at wonderful Louisiana - museum of modern art - yesterday watching the O'Keefe exhibition. Beautiful place, beautiful surroundings and a beautiful day... Boy oh boy, I think I really I'm happy :-)

Saw a painting by a french painter called Jean Dubuffet - gotta see more of he's stuff. It was wonderful...

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I'm going to Paris for the first time April 4th to 7th - any tips on everything would be so lovely... especially on great art/architecture exhibitions, strange things you normally wouldn't see as a stupid Danish tourist and oh yeah -> great clubs (with some lovely French disco tunes... DJ Abdel and stuff like that...)... anything would be received with gigantic hugs and warm greetings - mail me here :-)

Watching the Danish Eurovision song contest for children - must say I'm extremely impressed... the kids are much, much better than the grown-ups (who had their show a couple of weeks ago)... you can't help smiling seeing so much joy and hope from everybody involved (even the professional bands performing seems to be enjoying - A1, Sophie Ellis-Baxter and Danish hiphop-acts-something Miss Mukupa and DGP)... makes one wonder why grown ups have to look sad or cool when performing normally, when they just smile and shares tons of positive energy at this show...

Must be a blast being at a show like that - which ones again reminds me how bad I wanna do stand-up comedy again... If I didn't do what I did now, I would dream of making children radio or tv (it's very non political correct in Denmark - ie. the children show on the Danish national radio's website is called www.dr.dk/IDIOT - no kidding) :o)

Massive respect to the national danish television for creating such a great experience for so many kids - the hosts are also doing kewl -> especially the super-chef Nikolaj Kirk who I only where brilliant at cooking fish at danish jet-set restaurants :-))))

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Lovely new camera from Minolta - the dimage X... makes one look at your Canon Ixus V with a little bit less enjoyment ;-)

Else I'm just enjoying life with super colleagues, wonderful friends and the beautiful works of French writer Marcel Proust - the search of lost time "series" has just been re-translated into danish with impressive elegance by Else Henneberg Pedersen (danish super-duper-trouper translator - unfortunantly with no website - so try google for info)...

The annual reboot conference/gathering/what-ever-the-right-term-may-be is getting closer, and as always Thomas are involving me... it's always a pleasure, because it's intellectually very challenging when we're jamming to find new ways of making the reboot.dk website better... unfortunately there has always been so many great and visionary ideas, but none of them never made it to the website because of lack of time... I really hope we make something great this year... that could be fun and satisfying

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Mr. mygdal is a very wise and inspirational man (and friend) full of fresh ideas and thoughts - may more people be like him!

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At last a non-danish architect won a contest of a great Danish building. Except the wonderful Zaha Hadid, it's almost a tradition that larger Danish buildings like concert halls, museums or stuff like that, are designed by Danish architects who seem to be in a phase where they can't make anything else than boring - yet very beautiful - boxes of glass and steel. But the wonderful French architect Jean Nouvel won the contest of the new concert hall for the Danish national radio - check out he's original and exciting suggestion here :-)

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Fantastic how having a blog can make you communicate with other nationalities... and communicating with open minds, is understanding and enjoying the richness of our wonderfull planet...

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Back from yet another week of snowboarding - this - and probably last - time in Austria... If it wasn't for the snow I'd stay away - terrible music, terrible food and a semi nazi president racist prime-minister... thanks to Christian Langreiter for telling me how terrible my knowledge of Austrian politics are... I thought hat Jörg Haider was the prime minister of Austria, he isn't... :-O

But then again, they do have snow and mountains... but France, oh lovely Val D'Isere, I'd missed you...

This virtual keyboard is pretty damn cool

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Funny that the you -store graphic on amazon navi-bar is actually generated everytime the page is shown. Which has a nice side effect - like this icon

I wished that everybody in this world would be at least as happy and lucky as I feel at the moment...

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