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Played with the studio digicam, the fisheye objective and new giant flash... ended ehm, look for yourself - pretty amazing - true analog-power - no digital aftertouch... ;-)

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(I'm not dead - I've just been off snowboarding in wonderful Val D'Isere, France...)

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When I breath through my nose and I'm a little bit cold I sound exactly as the vibrator on my mobile phone - something that can make you quite paranoid. Thought you would find that a very important fact ;-)

I guess I still suffer from good old dos days and haven't got used to the wonders of windows-gui. I find it quicker to press windowskey+R (for run) and write the name of the application I wish to start... tsk, tsk, tsk

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The overlooked book about the miss-spelling terrorist Usama bin laden - or maybe there's a good explanation?!? Well, I don't wanna check it out ;-)

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3D-game developer genius John Carmack says "Do not buy a geForce 4 card for Doom" - apparently the geForce4 is just more a card for nasdaq than for gamers :-(

Hurray -> my all time favorite game - warcraft - in the new and VERY long awaited version III is getting very close. And boy oh boy I see a lot of long gaming hours coming!!!

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A friend of mine working in a bank, has just been tolded to stop IM'ing (with messenger) because it overloaded their firewall - a shame, because it seems she use it a lot as a great way of communicating with their it-development company :-o

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This is pretty cool - a directx3 to open gl wrapper!

My very wonderful friend Lars Buur should get a weblog - go tell him!

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Our Lego bionicle games is now in final testround - hurray. This is so Lovely. So lovely. So very (SHUT UP!!!) - ehm, okay. Sorry :-D

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It seems that the battle between mygdal and von haller about the danish e-commerce "price" sort of died out... what a shame ;-)

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I hope USA has held their last Olympic Games. They – in person of their President George Bush - have managed for the first time to officially make the games a political subject (with his moderation of the traditional opening speech). What a disgrace - how embarrassing!

And too - how embarrassing - that the president of the IOC - Jacques Rogge - neither asked for the traditional fourteen days of worldwide peace - because of the USA fight against terrorism. The only appropriate action - which of course will never happen: George Bush has to apologize and the Jacques Rogge should resign - and if not IOC should admit that the Olympic games definitively have lost it's innocence and now is just yet another stupid media-show...

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Always lovely O'reilly has an applescript primer - maybe speedy should check it out so he know's why or why not he's iBlog-tools works ;-)

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The slashdot-users must be the most unthankfull people in the world: Read the thread on the google programming contest. A win-win situation for all - students gets a funny challenge and quite a possibility for fame - google get's potentially some great new software but maybe most important a very fine list of potential employees - what's wrong with that?

Going crazy in bionicle-bugs - but that's just how it as. I'm so glad that I'm going snowboarding in Val D'Isere in nine days :-)

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Watched superbowl this night at mygdal - hmmm, what can I say? I guess you have to be american to think that it's entertaining and ehm... not embarrasing - sorry if I offend anyone. You would probably think the same about our soccer-seasons - and we don't have u2 ;-)

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More fucked up Lego mindstorms stuff -> the amazing Lego DAT tape changer (link from /.)

Beautiful art from the ancient days of communism glory -> Revolution by Design: The Soviet Poster.

And oh - Daniel (on of the littleDevice's) are dreaming about next years company-holiday - I'm in game ;-)

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