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A great thing about creating games, is your variable-naming - where else do you see a variable called "slimeTile". The bionicle game goes in beta mode within a couple of (long?) hours - gotta it :-)

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This is great -> tcp/ip build into a Lego mindstorms brick (RCX)!!!

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Well, if you thought that Grand Theft Auto 3 was a bit to lame -> go find your inner rage with a little help from State of Emergency by Rockstar Games (the producers of GTA3)...

Hurray - we've just released an alpha of the bionicle game today! How damn nice to get to that milestone. Still a lot of issue's though - but things go fast and it's more close to a beta than microsoft's alpha products -> if that says anything :o)

I google - here's yet another reason

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Speaking of "a wanna-be mac-user with a hang to game programming" i came across this article written by Troy Stephens. Very interesting read with some funny clues - I didn't now that the original Quake editor actually was developed on NeXTSTEP... Which remind me, that I would to have a NeXT cube...

Danish old-time internet entreprenour - Hans Henrik H°jbjerg - has coded his first homepage ever - funny when thinking that the man has been in this business since the very beginning. Now i wonder when he'll have a blog up and running ;-)

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The brilliant danish gaming-house IO Interactive have put a trailer for Hitman2 on the new opened website - can't wait for march :-)
Check out this fantastic screenshot from a church - the multicolor lightning effects from the windows are impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've put my amazon-wishlist online - now I just need to transfer the zillions of items in my shopping cart into the wishlist. I think it's pretty cool - it gives people an idea who you are. Ehm, well if that is, I'm a wanna-be mac-user with a hang to game programming. Well sounds like the guy I intent to be in 2002 :-)

Is there a way to tranfer all your details from amazon.com to amazon.co.uk? That would be nice - new custom rules in Denmark make it a pain buying online from non-eu countries :┤-(

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Blogger Pro is new for real...

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A great editorial in the Danish paper Information on the governments decision on stopping some planned windpower parks (in Danish though). I just can't stand the new government - i've stopped my subscribtion to B°rsen - a danish Financial Times - because of the totally uncritic cover of the goverment...

Scoble has some notes about Blogger Pro which Evan demoed yesterday.

By the way - I just love the "Error on page" in the statusbar of the official Radio screenshots - LOL (look in bottom left) - i've just mailed mr. Winer to ask if it's a good thing ;-)

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It had to come - a MMPORPG for children -> toontown by disney...

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More mygdal's are invading the web and blogging community - welcome to speedy's weblog "outlog". A die-hard mac fan who want's to have iBlog software - could be way fun to develop :-)

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The game is going allright - just finished implementing the path-finding algorithms - ahhh, that was nice (A* based). But it's so damn slow, so now it's time for optimization - after a little bit of sleep :o)

Damn - there it happend. Periskop - a wonderful place I worked two years ago, went bankrupt. What a shame :┤-(

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Maybe one should think of buying a Xbox in october for this very good reason!

Two big inspirations - Bruce Eckel and Steve McConnel - among a lot of other really interesting names are speaking at the Software Development Conference and Expo in april. But why are those things SO expensive. I also wanna go to this year GameDevelopers Conference in march - in fact when both are at San Jose, maybe one should just move there :o)

Pogo-phone - interesting stuff, i believe less and less in 3g - even though nokia is already making commercials for phones they don't have :o)

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Here's a nice edition of the new iMac that probably would cost much, much less

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Ahhh, the insanity test is back - thanks to Brennan for the tip

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Bummer - danish weather - so cold. Making your nose run - nice to know, huh...?!?

I just love making the game, surrounded by super competent people; Lone has made a great interface, great graphic tiles are coming in, great 3d figures too. It's getting there - but so is the deadline... better get working again :o)

Uhmmmmm - I want this... - well at least when I have a couple of months of in a eastern monestry

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Uhmmm, this bag came to the studio today - I think I'm at the right place now. The game development are also very challenging and fun - and goes pretty well :-)

Kazaa are running ads on blogger - that's cool!

Progression on the Lego Bionicle game
We've build an editor in which you can create levels in an isometric world. Works pretty good with load/save, undo, eyedropper, dynamic tile loading etc. functions. Now on to work on the game-core again - that's gonna be fun to see how much the game will evolve the coming days...

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Why do I feel like I know what Joel Spolsky is talking about...

This is pretty cool - shuttle spacewalker mini pc...

Some thing where better in the old days - like Borlands old EULA's. Check this one out from borlands old turbo c++ (damn, I sure miss my good old turbo pascal 4/5/6 - my first pc-programming experience expect the gw-basic stuff...)

A week with windows XP
I've had my computer with windows XP in a week now and I must say that is a fine improvement, and I'm very satisfied. But one thing came in mind today - one difference between apple and microsoft; the completeness of the user-friendlyness. At first glance windows XP seems really nice, friendly - some might even say pretty. But when you go just a little bit deeper, things start to be good old windows-anti-user-friendlyness. The new control-panel as an example. You're kindly asked "What do you want to do?", you answer "Performance and Maintenance", windows ask "Pick a task", you pick "Rearrange items on your hard disk to make programs run faster". This is really great so far. But then what happends? Good old disk defragmenter pops up (that basicly hasn't changed since msdos 6) without any further help. So far everything have been in a friendly asking manner, with windows xp interface, warm colors etc. But suddenly, you're lost (if you're an average user) - old dark colors, lots of buttons that aren't self-explaning. How hard would it be simply to start the disk-analyzer right away, telling the user what is happening, adjust the interface, etc...? Apparently very hard :/

First impression that was - more to come :-)

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I hope that Real will go bankrupt so that everybody stop using it or they get bought by someone who can turn their software into something nice - it really, truely suck big time. I hate it - and have always done. They make microsoft look like someone who release super-functional versions without any bugs. And the interface - well, let's not even go there. Only windows media player are worse - quicktime i love you...

Firewire is wonderfull - at last a got my replacement drive, for my 40gb firewire hdd that was stolen. Sharing and backup-ing at the speed of light :-)

Delayed new-years resolutions (starting from monday):
- get at the studio before 9.30 (people who know me, will know that this is a though one!)
- get more technology focus on this blog, instead of just mumbling about my self ;-)
- take the stairs instead of the elevator, bike instead of car or bus
- have a weekly dinner-day where I can invite people over (starting february though, because of too much workload - bummer)
- give more hugs
- travel some more
- run a marathon (!)
- start doing some stand-up comedy again (I really miss that...)

Because these are not real new-years resolutions I will allow my self to miss them five times in all. Will make a page to see how it goes - yikes :-O

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Radio8 seems pretty nice - here's an overview

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At last - a 802.11b pcmcia-card with extendable antenna (by 3com) so you don't have to take it out when putting the notebook in your bag. Well, actually I don't care - I'm so hooked on .11b that I sacrificed tradional ethernet for a build in solution. But because my machine are a Dell and not a mac, I can't have both - so a pcmcia ethernet card is always in my machine...

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Preview of the new Napster - good luck. You ones had succes, based on something more or less illegal - unless you live on Sicily it seems to be quite hard to have a businessmodel build on that kind of "activity" ;-)

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Touch-Stream from fingerworks - was originally called the Fingerboard - are shipping - but they aren't so cool as they promised.. so I saved $399 there... for my I'm-going-to-buy-an-apple-savings account :)

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Got my machine and it's a classic Dell: Bud ugly but super-technology - so now I'm happy. And XP seems really cool, though I urged to change my profileicon from a flower to the karate-guy :-)

Also looking tremendiously forward to the Steve Jobs keynote, though I didn't had "one more sleepless night" - sorry Apple...

Watching the Apple keynote simply confirmed that the world aren't allways fair. Despite all innovation in both hardware, software and visions at Apple - they are still not markedleader. Not even close. I hope to be able to switch to mainly running Apple during this year - being surronded by powermacs g4's, my sisters iBook and now the danger of being exposed to the new iMac if mygdal really are going to buy it, really keeps confirming the Dell's sucks in design... bummer - how unfair to how a keynote on the day I should be enjoying my new piece of super-pc-hardware :┤-)

One thing though - why does Apple ships the new iMac with a allmost already outdated resolution. 1024x768 is not enough for a machine supposed to last more than a year... tsk, tsk...

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New ETA from Dell says the 7th now; "Well ehrm, though we have not seen it yet, there should be a trailer full of Dell-computers coming today. So you will have it on monday, isn't that great?"... "No!"

Wonderfull organic products: Nascent Organics and modern organic products (the stuff i use and recommends warmly!)

Mygdal has updated his site and changed platform from radio to movabletype. Talking to him right now about ideas for the coming reboot event in may - lovely when minds think alike :-)

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Happy new year! Hopefully you came happy and safe into '02 - and may it continue that way. If I was a believer I would pray for peace in middle east and rest of the world - but I'm not, so I'll just hope...

Anyway, it's D-day today for me... that is Dell-day, my new laptop should arrive within a couple of hours - looks like a good way of starting the new year - by installing! :o)

I'd spend some of the holiday-time by reading some books about Steve Jobs. Reading The Second Coming right now, and it's really breathtaking - an instant recommendation. But also the children book on him - a so called techie series. It's really cute and a quick read and with comments like (about the apple-split in 85) "and as you can imagine that's not funny even for a guy like Steve" - you just can't help smiling :-)

I just love the marketing dep. at apple! The tagline for MacWorld 2002 is just simply "insanely" amazing: "Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond" :o)

Track and trace or track with tricks
According to Dell's track and trace system I was supposed to get my machine today. "But well erm, your machine you say", says the very kind telephone supporter at Dell logistics firm and continues "Ehm, I can see that according to the track and trace system you were supposed to get it today. Ehm, but we have never seen the package (pause) actually it seems like it hasn't left Ireland yet...". Now I try to ask for the whole idea behind track and trace, and the poor phoner tried to make everything good again: "Now, listen Niels! Well, we'll probably get the package tomorrow and then we'll send it to you!". "That meens that I'll get i tomorrow", I respond. Uhm, no not exactly - "If we're lucky you'll get it friday". Now I get a little bit frustrated, but I don't want to borther the poor support-employee anymore. So I just tell him that I'm so happy about the fantastic service you get when you buy a 5000$ laptop - not in anyway understanding the irony he responds: "Yes, we are also very proud about our service..." DOH!!!

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