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I saw Lord of the Rings last night. Wow, what a movie - absolutely beyond measuring. As an old role-player it's amazing to see something that you used to spend so much of your time with, all captured in 3 hours. Almost all places and characters were as I had imagined - gotta see it a lot more times. After the movie I thought a lot on the 3 guys that i used to play ad&d with in high school - so if Simon, Benjamin or Mads reads this; though we haven't talked for a very long time, many warm thoughts to you all - it was a blast those weekends in or rpg-basement :-)

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone :-)

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Reinstalled the server last night - so hopefully 090978.org will be a 24-7-365 XPerience from now on :-)

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Uhm, my new laptop will have a 64mb ATI Radeon graphic card instead of a 32mb geForce2, 15" display (1600x1200!!!), 512mb ram, 1.2ghz processor, 48gb harddrive and combo-drive! Basicly it's an enhanced Dell Inspiron 8100 1200UT (81011i5) - sorry holevmark.com ;-)

Nice - except that I'll have to wait 3 weeks to get it. Bummer...

Drove my parents to the airport today - they are going for a three week holiday to their flat at Mallorca, Spain. So I held a pre-christmas evening for my grand parents, parents and three sisters yesterday evening. Very nice - and I got good gifts too :-)

Oh, did I mention that the new ps2 game Jak and Daxter is terrific!!! It's funny, challenging and graphicly breathtaking - I've completed 24% of the game allready (I've just arrived at rock village now). GO OUT BUY IT!!!

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If you saw this mail in ones preview-window - what would you think? An e-mail for a S/M club? Well, guess again, it's a christmas-sale mail from family-online-clothing store Haburi. I wonder who's there agency :o)

Yesterday the Apple Kleenex Cube - today the SGI espresso machine (props and all that to Spikoli for the link)

My three year old NT-server keeps stopping the IIS Admin service (any wonder - better fix and upgrade it...)

10socks.com - this is the way online shopping should be! This or amazon.com - simple but genuine or very advanced and everything! 10socks is simply just a store where you can buy ten socks at the time in three different colors. Each pair of socks are marked from 1 to 10, so no more troubles with matching them. I know what I'm talking about - I ordered some in the beginning of this year, and still have 'em all :-)

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Daniel Spikol: "There is a plot against people that want to make their own twisted pair ethernet cables." Haha that's funny!!!!

Apple Kleenex Cube. Funny as well :-)

Warning!!! When you eat good food and drink to much wine together with 2 nice friends and making parody about business-consultants in suits you might end up like this!!! Me - borrowing glasses from mygdal and suit from Lars - trying to make fun of consultants by declaring the death of e-business and m-business and saying the the future belongs to *-business ;-)

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When nerds cook - a little picture with some cuisine-material from friday when me and good friend Lars made dinner...

For everyone who have tried to use manila or frontier or any userland-software product - it must seem a little ironically that Dave Winer actually wrote the preface to Spolsky's book on UI for programmers (a great and short book btw). After all - userland-software seems only to be about technology - not interface ;-)

Click to see the evidenceJust been to IKEA for some christmas shopping, and found a quite funny thing. Sometimes when stores go international, productnames that seems obvious in the home-country might not be such a terrific name in other countries. Take this lille box as an example - it's called KNEP. A nice name, except that in danish slang, that means to fuck - not anything nice for a family-store :-)

Watch out for danish pop/rock group Saybia - they are brilliant. Totally addicted to their rot-rotation single Fools Corner (unfortunently no mp3 soundclips available). I'll keep you all posted if I find anything - their music is so beautyful!

I found some saybia-tracks (mentioned above) on the Danish National Radio's net-radio (called skum)! It's in realaudio, be sure to listen to Fool's Corner and The Day After Tomorrow - you won't regret it!!!

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Hurray - gotta love ones (too?) big own library when you need it. Found three great articles about A* path-finding algorithms in the Game Programming Gems book. One of the articles is about speed optimization which is really nice, because the downside of the A* is that it's quite slow. I guess I'll have to order the just hot-of-the-press follow up :-)

I had totally forgot how cool the old ReBirth program is. I wanna try their new Reason software synth - i looks absolutely amazing!!! I'll find my old synthesizer and sampler in the basement, and start fooling around making music - I really miss that. Just wished I never had sold my Trinity, or that I could get my hands in some nordLeads or the new lovely KARMA from Korg :-)

Brøndby I. F. - my all time football heroesAnd hurray again! Brøndby - my football-heroes - beat the rivals FC Copenhagen in the local derby aka the new firm! Poor hilda.dk and geeeet - now they must be sad >:o)

I find it a bit strange, that CityDesk by the user-friendly-guru Joel Spolsky - Fogcreek are making so stupid filenames. Do you have any idea what this url gives you "http://www.fogcreek.com/CityDesk/fog0000000034.html"? Ohhh, isn't it obvious that it's about the features of cityDesk? Or would http://www.fogcreek.com/citydesk/features have been better? Just this days 2 cents ;-)

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Grrr - just been at the stadium and seen the most embarrassing performance by my favourite football (yes, soccer!) team, Brøndby. They lost 0-3 against Italian Parma :/

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Regarding the Segway-weight rant below - Mr. Tveskov send me this link :-)

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Hmmm, NDA's - gotta hate them, gotta sign them :o) Maybe this NDA would actually be worth joining ;-)

WOW - if I wanted to work for IDEO before today, I would die to work for them now. I just got IDEO: Master of Innovation today (from amazon of course) - go buy it today, and be very, very, very inspirered!

I think that I also will by Digital Dreams: The work of the Sony Design Center - even though it two years old. At least just to make Nanna happy (she works for Sony Denmark)...

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Moodstat-icon. Go check to program...So I've started using moodstats - will be funny to see how that turns out. Better go spend 15$ for a registered version - and to support the brilliant work of the sympatic smartass'es :-)

Only kind of clumsy thing about the program is that everything are stored in a non-encrypted xml-file. So why should anyone care about the password-feature in the program!?! But it's a really funny and cute interface...

Ginger/IT/Segway - hmmm. I guess just another tool to make americans even more fat - walking seems as the last kind of exersize the average american gets :-p

By smiling you live - so go to this funny site "30 ways to keep a healthy level of insanity in the workplace" and get a smile on your face. (link courtesy Gundgaard)

Just found out that an ex-colleague Jacob has started blogging :-)

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This is amazing -> GMAX from discreet. A (very) slimmed down version of 3D studio max, but it's free! Knowing that their complex software is already beeing copied to every little kid who wants to make their own graphics for quake, discreet simply made a tiny version of 3ds for free. And made easier to use - that's really interesting. After all it's their interest that there are more 3d-artist out there, so maybe this is a win-win. It's certainly quite an interesting move, compared to the almost unlimited more or less embarrasing and panicing atempts to solve the big piracy problem :-)

Moodstats by Kaliber10000 - the only danish webbish rock-stars are out. Check it out - at least for the very ninetees-multimedia-like interface :-)

What a shame this t-shirt is sold out - I would love to have one.

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Just boycotted a site where I normally buy most of my computer-equipment, because they have started using an annoying banner-type that pops up in full-screen. I really think the banner-market is acting desperately – I mean; I don’t click a banner because it’s huge, I click on it because it interests me. So when I see an ad for diapers on a hardware-site I don’t click it. Anyway, wrote an email to the computer-company saying I’ll buy my hardware another place, despite their good prices and service. Looking forward to there answer…

I want to start my book section on this site – but until then, here’s a start:

What I’m reading right now
Bob Bates: Game Design: The Art & Business of Creating Games
Douglas Coupland: Microserfs

Just read
J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone
Simon St. Laurent (and others): Programming Web Services with XML-RPC

Will read soon
Douglas Coupland: All Families Are Psychotic
Naomi Klein: No Logo

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