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Keywords for the coming weeks: Lego Bionicle, Isometric algorithms, Warcraft-inspiration, Civilization III-style, creative-mind-overload, fun, long nights, 10 mio. cd-roms, yanks - gotta love what I do :-)

Gotta love O'reilly too - they are allways up-front with really nice, innovative and short publications! Latest must have: Community Networks: Implementing the Wireless Web

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Hurray - at last you can buy Salt & vinegar chips in Denmark. Yummi - it's my favorite flavour! Earlier you had to buy them in special shops where they costed far too much - but now the danish chip-mafia has started producing them. So I'll gain a couple of extra pounds in weight. Gotta start running again :-o

And oh - the danish internet-pop star Morten Lund actually has a blog -> D|A|B|O|G...

Just encountered the danger of virtual communication. This is the seanario: Sitting in a bus reading a book, seeing a person from Prey4 - company owned by the above mentioned Morten Lund - which I've seen before, but I'm not sure who it is. Then a woman gets on the bus with her little daugther, so I offer them my seat and now I'm standing next to the mysterious prey4-guy. He says: "Hi Niels. What's happening" - so I chat a little with him, and says: "So how are things at prey4?". He looks at me a little strange saying: "Well, I told you that I stopped over a month ago". So I say: "DOH! So you're Morten Wittrock?". I've mailed and chatted quite some with this guy, who has a marvelous taste in music, i terrific programmer and really seems as a really super cool fellow. Try to ask my if I found it embarrasing :-)

So my deepest appologies Morten - I'm so incredible bad at names and faces. Update: E-mail from Morten: "Ok, du er tilgivet :)" (danish: ok, you're forgiven)

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Nerd stuff -> *

nerd stuff one - /bin/laden t-shirt @ the great folks from thinkgeek
nerd stuff two - if you're into OpenGL/directX/3d-coding, you'll understand the really funny thing in this :-)
nerd stuff three - FAQ about a cool poster showing the internet infrastructure of 2001

* That's a compliment - just in case ;-)

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The gang ie. Martin, Per and Christoffer - old friends from hischool (1995-97)Made dinner for the old gang back from hischool yesterday. Everytime is a blast - love those guys :)

I made Brill - recepie (in danish though) courtesy of Skagenfood.dk. Skagenfood.dk is a concept where you can get fresh fish delivered to your doorstep - the quality is really excellent; if you live in Denmark do try it. Just like you should try aarstiderne.com a company that delivers organic fresh digged vegetables and other food-products. I do recommend them both warmly - I'm a much better person after I started subscribing to these services :o)

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Dear friends in our nice, warm neighbour-countries. Despite the result of the election in Denmark, do notice that not all of us are in tolerant nor racists. But do tell our new leaders, that the tone and opinions on foreigners are not welcome and do treat them like you so brilliant treated Jörg Haider.

Thank you - now I'll go back and cry...

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Technology overkill - Nokia 7650...

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Election tomorrow - I hope the tolerance never goes out of fashion. But things doesn’t look good :´-(

Maybe I should move to Sweden – I don’t feel like living in a country that apparently ones to be comparable with Jörg Haider’s Austria.

Found this one - jipe.dk - another Danish weblog. There aren't many of us - this one is in Danish though

Templar Studios - very cool corporate site for a new media game studio. I really like it - I'm even smiling :-)

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I just came home from a party celebrating the work and effort of all the people who are helping the Socialdemocrats in the campaign. Poul Nyrup Rasmussen - the Prime minister - sang a couple of songs among them Everybody loves somebody (the old Dean Martin song - this time in a Danish edition though, called "gem et lille smil til det bliver gråvejr" or in translated: "save a little smile and show it when the weather turn grey") - he did quite well actually!

Later on he helped my favourite (and local) candidate - Christel Schaldemose - and went around outside handing out roses, which is the symbol of the Socialdemocrats. That was nice - people got quite overwhelmed - more pictures available here...

And last thing for the weekend -> a funny taliban-spoof video - made by some strange swedish people! The translation to english can be found here! Link courtesy mr. Sputnik

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In search for some more electronic funk resources I found this site: Electro Empire - Home Of Electric Funk seems pretty nice =)

The man of delivery when it comes to mixing wonderful vocal house music - Mr. Wittrock to be found as part of the group Konsum on this record, go buy it! - introduced me to some Paul Hardcastle remixes of D-train. I sincerely recommend it - but be aware you might get caught dancing ;-)

And btw - when will I be able to pay for mp3's - I would really love to!

Enjoy the weekend - peace, love and all that,
Niels :-)

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Interesting how some things just makes one do strange things. The tone in the election in Denmark is quite awful especially regarding immigrants-questions – so I got really pissed. So I sent out an email (to friends, family, colleagues) saying that a lot of people are dying of hunger every year and that some Danish parties wants to cut down on the budget that supports poor countries. Unfortunately, I was pissed so in the subject-line I wrote: “How many people do you want to kill?”… Would love to send that mail again with a new and nicer subject-line. Just like I would have loved to send it out in a non election-period, so people could look at the facts, more than just ignore it as some cheep propaganda...

Added a tiny little feature today - have a look at my playlist. In realtime of course - so right now I'm discoing and funking away with Maxwell, George Clinton and D-Train, as you could notice if you move your button over here and click on it

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I have a domain-name-brother who physically are living just five minutes from me - hartvig.org.

- It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it.
(Steve Wright)

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Made a small slideshow today, telling a little story about a troll in a box (basicly it only make sense if you live in Denmark) - watch it...

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Hurray - got my Canon Ixus V digiCam (also called Powershoot 110). It's smaller than I thought - just the size of a creditcard - it fits perfectly in my pocket (so, sorry - I'm probably not that happy to see you...). Now I'll go take some pictures and 30 sec. videoclips ;-)

Had my first testdive in the divingclub yesterday - an amazing feeling being totally weightless. I'm gonna like this - yummi...

Nice to be able to help in an election - I'm going to help Christel Shaldemose with making her website (last second). She's a really nice candidate running for the parliament - very big chances for her getting in. That would be nice - we need more women in politics and she got very fine oppinions as well.

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