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Danish election for the parliament has been announced today (it'll be held on november 20th). Hopefully it'll be a serious one, where common sense will gain the victory and the existing government - the socialdemocrats and the social-liberal party - will remain the same.

There's huge problems in Denmark with unserious parties treating immigrants as anything but humans. And whether they like to admit it or not, the other wing are dependent by parties like those because they have been too afraid of rejecting them. So a vote on them, are a vote on a party more focused on racism than welfare and constructivism. Sad but true…

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More christmas stuff - Playmobil Nativity Manger (link courtesy mygdal)

doh! After I switched ISP for my hartvig.com domain, I completely forgot that the new one ran php instead of asp. So if you have tried to use the contact-form – for some strange reason - you got an error. I fixed that now, so go fill out my ninety-seven-style contact-form ;-)

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Well, ended up playing safe. I've just ordered a new Dell laptop to replace the one that was stolen. Basically I didn't have a choice, because the insurance required a model from the same brand. But maybe this newer model won’t make silly plastic-noise when typing! Good news however was, that I get one that's faster, more memory and a GeForce 2 card. Hurray, I wasn't able to play Counter-strike on my old for some strange reason. Watch out Agent.TV ;-)

However I'm still very fascinated by the Mac and my little sister just bought an iBook. Maybe – if I’m nice and lucky - she will let me borrow it sometimes...

Apropos strange search requests, this is a pretty funny site -> searchrequests.weblogs.com

And oh, why have I never seen this site before?!? Lots of pretty amusing stuff there - go check this one out.

Dispatches from the Tenth Circle: The Best of the Onion - did anyone said obvious Christmas wish?!?

The jabber msn-gateway aren't working great enough yet - so I've guess I'm stuck on microsoft for Instant Messaging again...

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I don't like messenger 4.5 so now I'm running on Jabber only. I'll still be available through my messenger account thanks to the super cool gateway system in jabber. And now I can make smileys just like old days without those annoying emotion-icons that's absolutely huge and horrible in version 4.5 - hurray :-)

Uhmmm, this is nice tft-screens - eyegonomic

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Just ordered an iPod - hurray I'll be among the 20 first getting it in Denmark. And now what - I'm seriously thinking about changing platform to mac. After being a dos/windows user for more than 15 years! Today I'll be able to almost anything with a Mac running virtual pc for the few developer apps that I need. And I'll still have a windows-pc at home to all time nasty pc stuff (compilers etc.) - now it's time for research. Nothing - not even a burglary - is so bad it dosen't have it's benefits ;-)

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The iPod is gonna be my first apple (well, except for my airport...). Though I really liked this fake-rumor product ;-)

Wonder how they could call the scroll-wheel innovative, when the Bang & Olufsen cordless phone, beocom 6000 , has had that for years...

Hmmm, some referrers makes me think about my content, like this one http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=lang_en&q=bin+laden+denmark+funny+pictures or this http://google.yahoo.com/bin/query?p=picture+of+different+kind+of+flower&hc=0&hs=0.

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The guys who are waiting and sleeping in front of the Danish cinema who will hosts Lord of the Rings in Copenhagen, are blogging and updating surrounded by tents and tincans. And they are only waiting for the pre-sale. Fantastisc! I've promised my wonderful sci-fi-and-fantasy-loving sister to go see it with her - it's gonna be a blast and during the film I'll undoubtly miss the old rpg-days (right now i mostly miss my stolen laptop and external backup-drive with an outlook pst-file work-related stuff, but most important one year of mailing with friends, love-ones, flirt-ones etc. - dammit I hope I've some cd-roms just somewhere...)

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My whole digital life are gone: My laptop + backup-hard drive has been stolen from a burglary - I'm sorry and my little heart is broken :(

A quote interesting thing though, is that both this site and mygdal's site commonme.org are hosted on a small server using an adsl-line that was broken during the burglary. Mygdal sent me an email around 0.30 last night saying that our sites was down - and that confirms the time the criminal act was done. A whole new world.....

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Hurray - soon we'll see Steve Jobs in action again - and this time apparently he actually has something new up his sleeve...

Interesting programming language discussion at JoelOnSoftware as a respond to his article about the advantages of Visual Basic over C++ when it comes to speed in developing GUI-extensive applications. Snip from the discussion: (by Philip Newton)

"Small nit: the text says "...NextStep, or Cocoa, or perl, or Python...". That should be "Perl" not "perl" :) (Traditionally, "Perl" refers to the language, "perl" to the program which interprets or implements the language, and "PERL" to "I don't know what I'm talking about" :) "
Wonderful, I just love being a nerd....

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Intense Beta: Screenshots of the new MSN messenger 4.5 for XP...

stroyberg.dk: (talking about the hunger site) "Well actually I recently picked up clicking again, because I had a thing with THS. Shortly after September 11th, the sponsorpage read that due to the Terror in NYC and Washington, all click-generated money would be sent to help the families of victims throughout September. My first thought was: 'oh brilliant! More help on the way to help those poor people', but right after that my eye caught the catchfrase on the Hunger Site that reads: '24.000 people die from hunger every day. I wrote them an e-mail asking if this brilliant initiative that lasted at least two full weeks meant that 14x24.000 people died from hunger while New Yorkers got free crisistreatment. They never replied. "

WOW - just realized that it actually was IDEO who made the design for the treo - hmmm, no comments (other than I would wish, they was as good for handhelds as they are to vaccum cleaners...)

Bud ugly, but top-muff-tech-loaded - the handspring treo - why don't they hire these guys or these guys or this guy or....

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It’s getting there: The brand new website for the ps2-game that’s going to steal my life in the whole q1-2002: MGS2.

Quite astonishing technology at the u2 live webcast: 360-degree video spin camera. Just like the original I-pix still pictures, but this time with live images. The experience is like the band it self, massive :-)

doh! Bin Laden skin for quake :/

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This kid - unicast.org - got humor, go check his "latest product" browserguard :-)

And oh - Denmark qualified to the World Championship in the only real sport there is – football (not the tv-modified-let’s-all-wear-silly-security-equipment-american-one) in Japan and korea 2002 :-)

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NO, NO, NO, NO, Noooooooooooooooooo!

YES, YES, YES, YES, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah

Wow, 2001 super-technology. You say: "Doctor, my stomach hurts", Nurse says: "I have no idea what his problem is, Doctor", Doctor says: "Swallow this little pill", takes he's little computer and voila: Images of your stomach are wireless transmitted from the little pill to the computer. I'm impressed!!! Be as well by using five minutes at Given Imaging ltd...

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