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New picture: Some of my computer-books, I do have a passion for books and someday I will have a book section on this site where I’ll review, rate and comment some of the books. Until then, this must do… Quite a lot of O’Reilly and Wrox books – though I definitely prefer O’Reilly much, much, much to Wrox.

And oh, did I mention that Safari saved my economy; active books on my safari right now: Java Cookbook, Java I/O, JavaServer Pages and Learning Python. The Java Cookbook is really a worthy family member to the original cookbook, the learning python book seems nice as well, but I’ll probably want that in a hardcopy soon or later.

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it's time to post some pictures - today a picture of my dear and wonderful father, and he's most important employee. Remember to hug at least five different people everyday - that would make this world a better place (well, just a thought)...

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Today I’m in a fabulous mood – why? Well, several reasons - one of them are two positive digital experiences.

The first one came from an installer-program with my parent's new scanner, a Hewlett Packard 5470c. The whole process were so easy that even middle-aged people could do it (can’t use the old saying with a child, since any child nowadays are able to program their own device-driver – almost). It was pure plug-and-play, beautifully documented with speech and video clips – ten minutes and it was up and running by just pressing ok-buttons. This is the way it should be – it was almost as if it were a Mac…

The other one was from Ikea – the Swedish furniture warehouse. On their website (unfortunately, only the Swedish one) you can download a small application that allows you to design your own kitchen in 3d. Seen something like it before? What’s the big deal? I’ll tell you, the reason is really simple – it’s just as user-friendly as the scanner – and that is actually a big deal concerning my native kitchen-knowledge. In less than 20 minutes I had my dream-ikea kitchen (ikea do make some nice kitchens at fraction of the price for a strato – my truly dream-kitchen), I could see how it would look from one side, from another, from the top – well it was actually plug-and-play 3d. And as a bonus-feature I could print both drawings and a shopping list with prices and everything.

Digital product design – gotta luv it!

btw: Today’s my oldest sister’s thirty years old birthday – go send her wishes; she’s really worth it

Oh, also spanish "opera" and Organic Elder Flower drink can really make your day!

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Got my first fish-delivery from aarstiderne.com yesterday. Made dinner for my dear father - a fish called kulle in Danish (I'll figure out the translation later) with fresh baked carrots (organic of course!) in rum and chilli. Yummi yummi. Thank you aarstiderne :-)

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To be launched tomorrow -> Symbol 802.11b flashcard. Yummi, i love wireless networking, love, love, love, love, love it. It's the Barry White of tcp/ip... oh, yes. i'm a nerd ;-)

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Inspirational links:
- Steward Brand and the 'Long now' (link courtesy mygdal)
- The Long Now Foundation
- Louise is blogging from martini-vacation in Italy
- Game-cube site

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Received this mail today:
" Light candles in the windows tonight to show that we feel with America and the tragedy that has hit the American people. Light candles for all the people who have lost their lives and for their family who is now left behind, especially for all the children who will not see their parents again. Let them see that we stand together! Please send on to all you know!".

A Street in central Copenhagen called Amaliegade (leads to the castle Amalienborg where the royal family lives), was filled with flags on half from official buildings, both Danish but also from the Norwegian and Algerian embassies - it was a quite moving sight; more than 20 huge flags in a street that is less than 1500 feet long.

In front of the American embassy - just a couple of minutes from where I live - thousands of people have been by laying flowers. All over Denmark everybody - private as well as companies and organisations - are donating both thoughts and financial support to the victims of yesterdays terrible event.

I guess we all just want to do whatever we can - whatever is possible. YOU could start here

Despite New York are to young to be a city of god, this is pretty scary! (Link courtesy, Malthe Sigurdsson)

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Been watching the terrorist-attack all day on cnn. My god, what kind of world are we living in - hoping sincerely that world leaders and governments will prioritise democracy over revenge.

Dave Winer has one of the best coverage’s and link-coordination on the tragedy...

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One year older yesterday - now 23, amazing...

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Went by my parents yesterday, because their computers were attacked by the sirCam-virus - it came from an email from another family member so I'm going up there this weekend to repair that as well. That virus is really a nasty fellow with a built in smtp engine and the ability to read from the contact list in office – so it’s not like the primitive vbs-viruses where you can check your sent items box in outlook. If nobody tells you – it’s almost impossible to notice the infection. Who make these things :(

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Been on mini-vacation to jutland (wonderful countryside of denmark...) this weekend with - as louise says on her blog "totally insane friends" - Michael, Vicki, Mik and Louise. It's was a blast - non edited pictures at this mini-site, mainly from the train-trip and the first night (danish).

BTW: I'm in LOVE with GT-3, love, love, love, love, love

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