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Once again my humble apologies for the time span between updates – not that nothing is going on in my life – more or less the opposite. Been working a lot, but that’s almost ended, so now I’ll concentrate on getting the smsBlogger finished – most of all because I really want to! Ironically enough, my lazy posting have begun after I introduced Louise to Blogger. On the other hand - she have really used it a lot…

And then I'm finally going to move to Thomas’ office spaces called breed in lovely new surroundings at Nřrrebro, Copenhagen. It moved this week and the new space is really nice – in a house with other companies involved in this weird internet-thing. I can already feel the hangovers from the joint-venture Friday bars – lovely :-)

Tips on choosing cars and tuning parts in Gran Turismo 3 are very much welcome – my old Mazda MX-5 (J) with lots of horsepower haven’t been able to run faster than 206 kilometres/hour despite I’ve upgraded it with over 70 hp’s since I made that speedrecord. But my oh my – that game have made me love my little ps2 – until that I only played when friends came by :-)

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Sorry for the lack of posts - but i've been working (and - oh well, yeah - playing Gran Turismo A-Spec, yummiiii!!! Now I just love my little ps2) :-)

As for the sms-tool for blogger - damn, it's going to be vaporware a little week more :/

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Shifted from manual html-editing and ftp'ing to blogger today - wonder why didn't i do that earlier :-)

I couldn't find the pin and puk codes for the gsm-card to the modem - so the smsBlogger tool is going to be a couple of days delayed....

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